Florida's premium craft rum

Blue Marlin premium silver rum is hand crafted in Tampa, Florida from entirely Florida grown ingredients.


Blue Marlin Rum is crafted from 100% Florida molasses and cane sugar from the cane fields of south Florida, in some cases by cane growers we have known for decades. The molasses is then brought directly from the sugar mill to our distillery in large tanker trucks, then stored on premise until distilled.


Following a careful fermentation regimen utilizing our unique recipe, specially selected yeast and triple filtered Florida aquifer water, the rum is twice distilled in our 400 liter reflux still. The silver rum then rests in stainless containers for several weeks prior to bottling, while the future amber rum is sent to age exclusively in our collection of Four Roses bourbon barrels.


Our label artwork is an original work painted for us by renowned marine artist Diane Rome Peebles. Diane, a resident of St. Petersburg, FL., is best know for her work as the salwater game fish artist for the State of Florida and the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), as well as the popular “Fish Florida” state license tag. Diane is nationally recognized for her marine illustrations and paintings and much of her work can be viewed at